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Class War in California
Punishing students because their parents are too successful is unfair and unwise.
ChatGPT Is a Calculator; Deal with It
Florida’s Parents Win the Newsom—DeSantis Debate
The real question is about education. Who knows best?
Collegiate Fiscal Insanity in Texas
New California Law Requires ‘Fake News’ Classes for K–12 Students
The Bell Tolls for Woke Humanities Professors
Enrollment has declined, and soon the number of faculty will follow.
Hamas Attack Reveals the Political Agenda of Ethnic Studies within the University of California
Beware the ‘Community Schools’ Trojan Horse
These schools are teacher’s union controlled indoctrination centers.
Despite $128 Billion Budget, California’s K–12 Education System Continues to Fail on a Grand Scale
California Math Framework: Proven Methods vs. Political Ideology

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