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Cal Thomas: The New American Antisemitism
Hatred of Jews continues to poison our politics and culture
Congress Aims to Extend Warrantless Surveillance for the Foreseeable Future
These measures have no place in a free and democratic society.
Who Should Govern Our Cowardly, Antisemitic Colleges?
The Decline in American Universities, 2011-2024
The Anti-Woke Collegiate Counterrevolution Is Just Beginning
The real world might just be changing its approach to woke higher-ed.
Why Ordinary People Enable Totalitarians (Part II)
Can We Save our Universities?
Stop giving money to elite institutions
Argentina Agonistes: The Separation of Money and State
Time to Amend the Constitution
The tale of the uncivil war between the Progressive Kings and the Good Guys.
The Bell Tolls for Woke Humanities Professors
Enrollment has declined, and soon the number of faculty will follow.

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