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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Free Speech? Not on College Campuses.
It isn’t getting any better.
Critical Race Theory in Data: What the Statistics Show
Mound Bayou Takes the Lead in the Modern Civil Rights Movement
How Little Mound Bayou Became a Powerful Engine for African American Civil Rights and Economic Advancement
Bread and Circuses, Then and Now: America Mimics Rome’s Decline
What does the fall of Rome have to do with modern America?
Beware the Rise of Esports Washing
How Saudi Arabia exploits video games for PR
Taxation as Social Justice
Freedom of Choice in Education: the Origins of a Slogan
The Benefits of SB-4 Should Be Extended to All Californians to Help Ease the Housing Shortage
How the New Deal Harmed Black Americans
The treatment of Tennessean J. B. Martin provides another illustration of FDR’s abysmal record on the Bill of Rights.

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