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Gun Control: Separating Fact from Myth
Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Gary Kleck
Professor of Criminology, University of Florida; Author, TARGETING GUNS: Firearms and Their Control
David B. Kopel
Research Director, Independence Institute; Editor, GUNS: Who Should Have Them?
Gun control remains one of the hottest topics on America’s social agenda. Not surprisingly, public debate on this emotion-charged and complex issue is rife with misconceptions and distortions. What exactly does the best available evidence tell us? Do gun laws reduce violent crime and suicide? Do guns help prevent crime? How do guns affect children, women, the elderly, and disadvantaged minorities? Advocates of restricting guns contend that foreign-style gun controls would make America safer and more civilized. What lessons can Americans learn from other countries? How can we find answers that maintain safety while protecting individual liberty? Noted gun policy experts Gary Kleck and David Kopel separated gun facts from gun myths and explained the real issues involved.

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