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Edwin V. Zschau
Edwin V. Zschau

Edwin V. Zschau is Visiting Lecturer and Professor at Princeton University in the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, and in the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education. He is former U.S. Congressman from California’s 12th District. He received his Ph.D. from the Stanford University, and he was the Founder and President of Systems Industries, Inc.

He has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Censtor Corporation, Partner of Brentwood Associates, and General Manager of IBM Storage Systems Division, and he ran as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and was the vice-presidential nomination of Reform Party, as running mate of former Governor Richard Lamm. He is also Founding Chairman, Emeritus, and a Member of the National Advisory Board of The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose; Member of the Board of Scholars of the ACCF Center for Policy Research; Chairman of the Board of NanoOpto Corporation, Princeton Power Systems, and StarTek, Inc.; President of Polyera Corporation; as a Director of The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

He has also served as Professor of Management at the Harvard Business School, Visiting Professor at Princeton University, and Assistant Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.