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Bruce M. Russett
Bruce M. Russett

Bruce M. Russett is the Dean Acheson Professor of International and Area Studies at Yale University, former editor of the Journal of Conflict Resolution, and a Member of the Board of Advisors for The Independent Institute. He received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale and he has taught at MIT, Columbia University, Mental Health Research Institute at the University of Michigan, Institut d'Etudes Europeennes, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Richardson Institute for Peace & Conflict Research in London, Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, University of Tel Aviv, Tokyo University Law School, and Harvard University.

Professor Russett has been President of the Peace Science Society (International) and the International Studies Association, is Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and is the recipient of the Gladys Kammerer Award and an honorary doctorate from Uppsala University.

His books include Community and Contention: Britain and America in the Twentieth Century; World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators (with Karl Deutsch, Harold Lasswell, and Hayward Alker); Trends in World Politics; World Politics in the General Assembly (with Hayward Alker); International Regions and the International System; Economic Theories of International Politics; What Price Vigilance? The Burdens of National Defense; No Clear and Present Danger: A Skeptical View of the United States Entry into World War II; Peace, War, and Numbers; Military Force and American Society; Power and Community in World Politics; Interest and Ideology: The Foreign Policy Beliefs of American Businessmen; Progress in Arms Control? Readings from Scientific American; From National Development to Global Community (edited with Richard Merritt); World Politics: The Menu for Choice (with Harvey Starr and David Kinsella); The Prisoners of Insecurity: Nuclear Deterrence, the Arms Race, and Arms Control; Arms Control and the Arms Race: Readings from Scientific American (edited with Fred Chernoff); Choices in World Politics: Sovereignty and Interdependence (edited with Harvey Starr and Richard Stoll); Controlling the Sword: The Democratic Governance of National Security; Grasping the Democratic Peace: Principles for a Post-Cold War World; The Once and Future Security Council; Triangulating Peace: Democracy, Interdependence, and International Organizations (with John R. Oneal); Governance, Accountability, and the Future of the Catholic Church (edited with Francis Oakley); New Directions for International Relations: Confronting the Method of Analysis Problem (edited with Alex Mintz); Purpose and Policy in the Global Community; and International Security and Conflict.