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Paul R. Theroux

Paul R. Theroux (1922-2017) was born the third of Michigan State University (MSU) professor Frank H. Theroux's seven children—all of whom went on to graduate from MSU. The professor's love of tennis inspired his children to also take up the game—especially Paul, who not only wound up with shelves full of trophies but also an inspiration for this book, Q-23.

Following his years as an Army Air Corps officer in the Pacific during World War II, Paul entered the fire insurance industry in America, working his way up to executive positions with State Farm Companies and other firms. His marriage to the former Marjorie E. Withrow resulted in two sons (David and Gary) and a daughter (Linda) who spent their childhoods in a succession of hometowns. The same wanderlust that drove Paul to move his family six times in twenty years really kicked in after he retired—and became a world traveler.

So how does one combine one's fascination with adventure, intrigue, mysteries, travel and tennis? Well, if you're Paul R. Theroux, cousin of authors Paul E. Theroux, Alexander L. Theroux, and Peter C. S. Theroux, you sit down and author this book.

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