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Peter J. Ferrara, J.D.

Peter J. Ferrara is Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute, Senior Fellow at the Social Security Institute, and former General Counsel of the American Civil Rights Union.

Mr. Ferrara served in the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, and as Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under President George H. W. Bush. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.

His books include America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb; Social Security: The Inherent Contradiction; The Obamacare Disaster; Common Cents, Common Dreams: A Layman's Guide to Social Security Privatization; Stop the Raid: Social Security the Biggest Rip Off in History; The Choctaw Revolution: Lessons for Federal Indian Policy; Religion and the Constitution: A Reinterpretation (with Denison Smith) and President Obama's Tax Piracy.

He has taught at George Mason University School of Law where he was Director of the International Center for Law and Economics, and he regularly writes for Forbes, National Review, Washington Times, American Spectator, and

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