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Terry L. Anderson

Terry L. Anderson is the John and Jean De Nault Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, where he co-chairs Hoover’s Property Rights, Freedom, and Prosperity Task Force. He is former President and Executive Director of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), and he has been a Visiting Scholar at Oxford University, Basel University, Clemson University, and Cornell University, as well as a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Canterbury.

Anderson is the author or editor of 39 books, including Free Market Environmentalism, co-authored with Donald Leal, received the 1992 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award. His most recent books include Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations, Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation, Environmental Markets: A Property Rights Approach, and Tapping Water Markets. Other books include Property Rights: A Practical Guide to Freedom and Prosperity co-authored with Laura Huggins, and The Not So Wild, Wild West: Property Rights on the Frontier, co-authored with Peter J. Hill, which was awarded the 2005 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award.

He has published widely in the popular press and professional journals, including The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Fly Fisherman, Journal of Law and Economics, and Economic Inquiry. During his career at Montana State University, Anderson received several outstanding teaching awards and is now Professor Emeritus of Economics. He received his B.S. from the University of Montana and earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington. In March 2011, Anderson received the Liberalni Institute Annual Award in Prague, Czech Republic, for his “Contribution to the Proliferation of Liberal Thinking, and Making Ideas of Liberty, Private Property, Competition, and the Rule of Law Come True.”

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