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Volume 27, Issue 18: April 30, 2024

Brady Leonard (Catalyst)
Not only do hunting bans undermine the heritage of outdoorsmanship central to the history of the nation, but they also put people in danger—which is why New Jersey was recently forced to re-open its black bear hunting season. The other states should follow suit. READ MORE »

Stephen P. Halbrook (Volokh Conspiracy)
A new ATF ruling redefines “engaged in the business” of firearms to include private non-commercial sales. With two other sets of firearms regulations under his belt, Attorney General Merrick Garland is on a roll. The Supreme Court needs to weigh in. READ MORE »

Raymond J. March (The Beacon)
As of 2008, the FDA has played a role in regulating about 20 percent of all consumer products and, the whole time, “has stumbled from crisis to crisis.” But despite the harm and the expense it has caused, the FDA—you guessed it—is about to get even more power. Does Washington ever change? READ MORE »

William F. Shughart II (Inside Sources/DC Journal)
Curbing “unfair methods of competition” is one of the FTC’s law-enforcement mandates. But, as usual, when the political dust settles after a new ruling, consumers get hurt. The Funeral Rule, which cruelly takes advantage of the grieving, is no exception. READ MORE »

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