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Volume 27, Issue 10: March 5, 2024

Tarnell Brown (The Beacon)
There is, as Solomon once observed, no new thing under the sun, and economic nationalism and protectionism are as old to America as Thomas Jefferson and Henry Clay. But tariffs are still neither the originators of American economic growth, nor the key to its future. One thing is both, however. Free trade, anybody? READ MORE »

Craig Eyermann (The Beacon)
This is an easy one. Liquidating every dollar of billionaire wealth would fund the federal government for—nine months. Next question? READ MORE »

Ivan Eland (American Conservative)
Why? Because they never have done anything, ever. Did sanctions compel Saddam Hussein to rescind his invasion of Kuwait in 1990? Has sanctions-strapped Iran or North Korea ended their respective nuclear programs? The sanctions for Navalny’s death aren’t really aimed at Russia, then; they’re aimed at you.... READ MORE »

Alvaro Vargas Llosa (Washington Times)
Farmers in France and several other European countries are furious again. Can you blame them? Despite recent high prices, profit margins are almost nonexistent thanks to suffocating government directives, mandates, regulations, and requirements. Time to ditch equality and fraternity and break out the liberty! READ MORE »

Business and the Welfare State in France and Germany
The Independent Review, Spring 2006

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