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Volume 27, Issue 2: January 9, 2024

Adam B. Summers (The Hill)
In 2024 California fast food workers will enjoy a $20 per hour minimum wage, and some health care employees will see a jump to as much as $23 per hour. The likely effect? Mass layoffs in these industries and skyrocketing costs for the rest of us. Yes, some people never learn.... READ MORE »

The Two Moralities of the Minimum Wage
The Independent Review, Summer 2014

Daniel B. Klein (AIER)
The first political meaning of “liberalism” accentuated the connection between liberal and liberty. That was Adam Smith’s meaning. And it is quite the opposite of the much-later leftist sense. The original sense was better. And worth fighting for. READ MORE »

The Decline of American Liberalism
By Arthur A. Ekirch, Jr.

John C. Goodman (Forbes)
In a word, yes—particularly if doctors with different skills share information and work in teams. Trouble is, that happens best when medical markets are free to meet consumer needs. Thankfully, Texas and a smart new Austin-based company are showing the way. READ MORE »

Richard Vedder and Robert Lawson (Wall Street Journal)
Economist James Gwartney died Sunday at 83, and he mattered. His textbook, Economics: Private and Public Choice, is now in its 17th edition. He helped establish the Economic Freedom of the World index, and in early 2000s he even advised Russia to drop its tax rate from 80% to 13%, causing an economic boom (until corrupt politicians reversed course). Could we try some Gwartney here? READ MORE »

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