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Volume 26, Issue 36: August 29, 2023

Judy L. Shelton (Wall Street Journal)
As monetary officials gather this week for their annual retreat, they’ll ponder how much higher they need to raise rates to slay inflation. But Fed officials should question an inflation-fighting model that deliberately destroys the economy—and change course today. Nothing less than the future of democratic capitalism is at stake. READ MORE »

Samuel Gregg (City Journal)
The purpose of banking? To provide financial services and deliver profit to the bank’s owners. It is not to further a politicized notion of global social justice. Tell that, however, to Nigel Farage, the Brexit leader who had his bank account shut down by the bank because of his views were “at odds with our position as an inclusive organization.” How do citizens fight a global, increasingly “woke” banking industry? READ MORE »

Is Social Justice Just?
Edited by Robert M. Whaples, Michael C. Munger, Christopher J. Coyne

Dr. Atlas interviews Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of the San Francisco Archdiocese. An outspoken Catholic traditionalist, Archbishop Cordileone comments on how COVID restrictions and lockdowns impacted the church, the importance to society of religion today, and where we go from here in a time of crisis with a loss of anchor in the culture. WATCH NOW »

William F. Shughart II (The Beacon)
According to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Fed is supposed to pursue, all at once, the “Holy Trinity” of price stability, full employment, and economic growth. How? By wielding the Fed’s one tool: manipulating the nation’s money supply. That’s called being “set up to fail.” Should we just end the Fed? READ MORE »

Richard K. Vedder (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
Remember the academic jihad against University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax? How about the disgraceful shouting down of federal judge Kyle Duncan at Stanford? Much worse is the case of Professor Scott Gerber of Ohio Northern University. The university’s board of trustees needs to act—now. READ MORE »

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