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Volume 26, Issue 34: August 16, 2023

Williamson M. Evers (The American Spectator)
“Community schools”? Sounds like the old days when families and neighborhoods shaped their kids’ local schools. No so now. The new version—being rolled out in several states—makes public schools into one-stop indoctrination and mobilization centers, controlled by politically progressive teachers’ unions. READ MORE »

Ivan Eland (Minneapolis Star Tribune, et al.)
Will Joe Biden pull off a grand U.S.-sponsored rapprochement among the Saudis, Israelis, and Palestinians? As Independent Institute Senior Fellow Ivan Eland warns, “everybody wins—except the U.S.” Look at what America would have to put on the table, and your eyes will bug out. READ MORE »

William Happer (The Beacon)
J. Robert Oppenheimer was not very friendly to students in the early 1960s. But among the things they learned: that most scientific breakthroughs result from accidents—so long as smart people recognize the unexpected as important. READ MORE »

Lloyd Billingsley (The Beacon)
The stated convictions of President Biden’s new Director of NIAID? “Health equity,” which should be part of the medical curriculum “because most physicians in training are very privileged people.” And med schools should be “naming chief diversity officers, equity officers.” Also, “wearing a mask is very effective” against COVID. This new Director will control the agency’s $6.3 billion budget. READ MORE »

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