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Volume 26, Issue 32: August 1, 2023

Dr. Scott Atlas interviews competitive collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines. One of the most decorated swimmers in history, Gaines sounds the alarm regarding women’s competitive sports and the damage to women and their futures if their athletics are invaded, and thus made irrelevant, by men. WATCH NOW »

Benjamin Powell (Inside Sources)
Congressional Republicans are in a struggle with the White House to rein in federal spending after the U.S. national debt ballooned past $32 trillion after the COVID pandemic. The 2023 “Farm Bill” is an excellent place to start cutting some pork. Starting with the subsidies to well-off farmers.... READ MORE »

Plowshares & Pork Barrels
The Political Economy of Agriculture
By Ernest C. Pasour, Jr., Randal R. Rucker

Barton J. Bernstein (The Beacon)
Spirited contentions that the atomic bombing of Japan was unwise, unnecessary, and immoral are not new—nor did they start with the 1960s Left. Conservatives, at the time and post-War, made those charges first. The history here makes compelling reading.... READ MORE »

Álvaro Vargas Llosa (Fortune)
Progressives celebrate recent employment numbers, but if we don’t fix the larger issues in the US economy, in just three years, Americans will suffer a nearly 20% decline in purchasing power. And that assumes the prices of oil and other commodities stay low. (They won’t). So, where is the GOP alternative plan to reverse the Biden decline? READ MORE »

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