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Volume 26, Issue 19: May 3, 2023

Mary L. G. Theroux (
Europeans ended their urban drug scenes when they recognized drug use as a social behavior subject to ordinary social rules, with problematic behavior to be controlled and prevented. They implemented measures to end them, while also providing real help to the addicted. READ MORE »

Naomi R. Wolf (Substack)
Everybody continues to comment on Tucker Carlson’s abrupt departure from Fox—including longtime feminist icon Naomi Wolf, who thanks him “for not giving up on the best core ideals of this nation.” Political realignment, anybody? READ MORE »

Dr. Atlas interviews George Mason University Professor of Law Todd J. Zywicki. They discuss how pandemic policies relate to the law and Constitution, how the public health establishment pushed anti-science policies such as denial of natural immunity, and more. WATCH OR LISTEN »

Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)
The history of socialism in Europe, its birthplace, is clear. Once that ideology took hold, every mediocrity, every low-caliber careerist, every hack writer came out of the woodwork to find his socialist “fair share” of what he lacked in talent or accomplishment. Sound—familiar? READ MORE »

Burton A. Abrams (American Spectator)
Incentives matter. Remove penalties for looting and carjacking: more looting and carjackings occur. Increase compensation for the unemployed: more unemployment occurs. We used to understand such logic—but not anymore. We are traveling down F. A. Hayek’s “road to serfdom.” Can we turn back? READ MORE »

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