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Volume 26, Issue 16: April 18, 2023

Richard B. McKenzie (Wall Street Journal)
Why? Because the anticipated profits of most firms haven’t happened yet—and, in many cases, never will happen. Remember Kmart, RadioShack, and Blockbuster? Their stockholders once had unrealized capital gains. And taxing what isn’t there will only give us more such failures. READ MORE »

Stephen P. Holbrook (Volokh Conspiracy)
In defending their right to bear arms, the American colonists were concerned with preventing a slave insurrection, not defending against attacks by the British army? The historical record says otherwise—in every case. READ MORE »

Dr. Atlas talks with economist and social scientist Dr. Glenn Loury of Brown University. Dr. Loury has worked for years on the impact of affirmative action, the black family, and is an outspoken advocate for black patriotism in the United States. WATCH »

John C. Goodman (Washington Times)
According to the latest trustees’ report, the unfunded liability in Social Security and Medicare is $163 trillion—almost seven times the size of our entire economy. To avert financial disaster, we need reforms. Here are six that would make a difference. READ MORE »

Benjamin Powell (The Hill)
On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed. Over 1,000 died. But subsequent government safety-regulations threw over one million garment workers, mostly women, into unemployment. There’s got to be a better way. READ MORE »

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