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Volume 26, Issue 6: February 8, 2023

Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)
In the recent Memphis murder, both the police victimizers and victim were black. The Memphis police chief is black. Nearly 60 percent of the police force is black. A racist attack? When everything becomes racist, then nothing in particular can be racist... READ MORE »

T.R.M. Howard
Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer
By David T. Beito, Linda Royster Beito

Richard K. Vedder (American Spectator)
By almost any indicator, American higher education is in trouble, and government funding lies at the root of the problem. But what if state governments stopped providing subsidies to the providers of higher-education services, the universities, and instead gave them only to the customers—the students? Markets, anyone? READ MORE »

Judy L. Shelton (Wall Street Journal)
When inflation upends budgetary projections and financial planning, both at kitchen tables and throughout the halls of government, it needs to be confronted. Our best guide? Reagan’s Paul Volcker. READ MORE »

Phillip W. Magness
Hulu’s docuseries on the 1619 Project distorts history? Find out just how badly... READ MORE »

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