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Volume 21, Issue 17: April 30, 2019

By Richard K. Vedder (Forbes, 4/23/19)
The Massachusetts Democrat’s proposal to wipe out most student loan debt is mind-boggling in the potential harm it would pose to our nation. It is unfair to the tens of millions who have faithfully repaid their student loans and would prompt future borrowers to consider shirking their debt payment obligations in anticipation of another bailout. READ MORE »

By Art Carden (Forbes, 4/22/19)
President Trump’s 2018 tariffs on washing machines raised washer and dryer prices an estimated 12 percent, costing consumers about $1.5 billion per year and bringing in only $82 million in tariff revenues. The tariffs created about 1,800 new jobs, but at an annual cost to American consumers of about $820,000 per job. READ MORE »

By Raymond J. March (The Beacon, 3/26/19)
A pharmaceutical company’s announcement of the first ever generic insulin in the U.S. market is welcome news for diabetes patients who have faced distressing trade-offs as a result of rising prices for name-brand insulin. But this good news should force us to squarely face the main cause of the rising prices: U.S. patent laws and FDA regulations. READ MORE »

By William F. Shughart II and Brian Isom (Catalyst, 4/29/19)
Nearly a century of anti-wildfire sentiments has damaged forest ecosystems and driven up the cost of preventing and controlling wildfires. It’s time to embrace fire as a natural part of the American landscape and a crucial means of preventing devastating blazes. READ MORE »

Nature Unbound
Bureaucracy vs. the Environment
By Randy Simmons, Ryan M. Yonk, Kenneth J. Sim

By Ronald L. Trowbridge (The Hill, 4/7/19)
Grade inflation at colleges and universities is a far worse scandal than cheating to get into a good school. Some schools are beginning to address the problem by including classroom grade distributions on student transcripts, thereby providing helpful context for students, parents, and prospective employers. READ MORE »

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