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Most critics of Obamacare have not systematically identified its flaws or offered a practical, comprehensive market-based alternative. In Healthcare Solutions for Post-Obamacare America, noted healthcare economist John C. Goodman (“The Father of Health Savings Accounts”—The Wall Street Journal) remedies that omission by identifying key problems with the Affordable Care Act and proposing solutions that will empower patients, create real competition among health insurers and healthcare providers, and minimize the distorting role of government in the medical marketplace.

Drawing on the principles he put forth in the new Healthcare Contract with America and in Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis (The Independent Institute, 2012), Healthcare Solutions for Post-Obamacare America spells out the reasoning that undergirds the key pillars on which to build common-sense healthcare reform.

Part I looks at the six major problems of the Affordable Care Act and six principles for commonsense reform. Part II takes a closer look at those principles—choice, fairness, universal coverage, portability, patient power, and real insurance. Part III puts forth additional ideas for curing the healthcare crisis, including four measures that would correct most of the problems caused by the Affordable Care Act, the case for a fixed-sum tax credit, and Dr. Goodman’s vision for a more equitable healthcare system.

Whether you’re a policymaker eager for fresh ideas on which to base bold new legislation or a concerned citizen who wants to better understand the causes and cures for America’s healthcare predicament, reading Dr. Goodman’s analysis and recommendations will transform the way you view healthcare policy.