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2023 Independent Review Essay Contest Winners
2023 Independent Review Essay Contest Winners

The deadline for the 2023 Independent Review student essay contest was May 15, 2023. The winners announced on July 6, 2023 are:

First Place

“Smith and Cicero on Philosophy in Action” by Phoebe Johnston
Prize: $3,500 
Faculty sponsor: Ivan Pongracic, Hillsdale College

Second Place

“Pumping Gas and Siphoning Rents: The Political Economy of Self-Service Laws” by Samuel Peterson
Prize: $2,000
Faculty sponsor: Caleb Fuller, Grove City College

Third Place

“Landlords, Banking, Merchants, and European Financial Systems: An Intellectual History of Richard Cantillon’s Innovative Entrepreneurial Theory” by Meredith Kottom
Prize: $1,500
Faculty sponsor: Charles Steele, Hillsdale College

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