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News Release
July 1, 2002

Feminist Author Accepts Challenge from California Chapter of N.O.W.
Independent Institute Research Fellow and FOXNews.Com Columnist, Wendy McElroy, Accepts CANOW’s Challenge To Defend Her Critique Of Its “Family Court Report” Before “Hundreds of Women”

OAKLAND, Calif.—Wendy McElroy, a research fellow for the Independent Institute and longtime women’s rights advocate, has accepted a challenge issued by the California Chapter of the National Organization of Women (CANOW).

CANOW’s Public Affairs Director, Rachel Allen, contacted Ms. McElroy via email through her editors at FoxNews.com about her latest column titled “NOW Court Report Lacks Facts.”

In her email, CANOW’s Allen invited McElroy to meet with other feminists to discuss women, men, children and the family courts. “I challenge [McElroy] as a ‘feminist’ to sit in a room with hundreds of women ... and tell them their stories don’t count,” wrote Allen, who co-authored the report.

While declining to have CANOW put words in her mouth or “dismiss the women’s accounts ... as I take the voices of women (and men) seriously,” McElroy replied, “I accept the challenge.”

After critiquing the media for reporting CANOW’s “propaganda as fact,” McElroy rips the “study” for: 1) blatant attachment to a political agenda, 2) self-selecting data, 3) omission of the methodology for questionnaire processing, 4) lack of statistically significant data (e.g., to prove CANOW’s claim that “the present family court system in California” is “crippled, incompetent, and corrupt ... pathologizing, punishing and discriminating against women”), 5) weak footnotes, and 6) no data from men.

Wendy McElroy has edited two books on women’s rights published by the Independent Institute, Freedom, Feminism, and the State and the recently released book Liberty for Women. She is also the editor of ifeminists.com.


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