Just about everybody knows there is a problem with the way Medicare pays doctors. But unless you are a doctor, I’ll bet you have no idea what the exact problem is or what Congress intends to do about it. Here is why you should care. The so called “doc fix” is going to cost taxpayers a few hundred billion dollars. But when Congress gets around to facing a similar problem with Obamacare, the same sort of “fix” will cost trillions.

Here’s something that has been completely unreported by the main stream media and the health care media as well. One of the primary ways in which Obamacare is “funded” is through future reductions in Medicare spending. In fact, over the next ten years, the federal government is committed to cutting $716 billion in Medicare spending. And the cuts don’t end at that point. They go on forever. Looking indefinitely into the future, Obamacare has saved the country nearly $53 trillion in spending on the elderly and the disabled!