By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about all the ways governments are trying to make us healthier. Banning trans fats. No toys in Happy Meals. Special taxes on sugar. The latest attempt comes from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who wants to ban large soft drinks-but only at certain outlets.

I won’t rehearse the arguments for why this is bad policy (I discuss them for the US News Debate Club here). Instead, I’m going to take this day of reflection and celebration-it’s National Doughnut Day, after all-to explain how I’m going to take responsibility for my own health.

I took advantage of National Doughnut Day by taking my son to Krispy Kreme and enjoying some doughnuts. The “Hot Now” sign was on. It was a small slice of heaven. Unfortunately, there are those who might wish to take such simple pleasures away from us, or if not that, limit us to only a doughnut or two at a sitting.

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