“Warriors for the West,” by William Perry Pendley, President and Chief Legal Council for the Mountain States Legal Foundation, strikes at the heart of the Western tradition of law and politics.

As if the logical arguments behind conservatism weren’t enough, Pendley lays them out through historically poignant legal cases that have shaped American law and the direction of Western politics. Congress, bureaucrats, extremist groups, and activist judges cannot escape the Pendley pen as he builds the legal case against the morally relative and liberally irresponsible movement of left—wing radicals.

Every first year constitutional law student should be familiar with Pendley’s “How—To” guide for preserving Western liberty. Conservative faithfuls and patriots alike should count “Warriors for the West” among their top—shelf political reads. Attacking liberals and moral relativists on issues ranging from environmental laws, to the seizure of “private property” for “public use” without “just compensation,” Pendley ensures that all are held responsible.

A sneak peak into “Warriors for the West” reveals:

“Although Jimmy Carter was busy scheduling the White House tennis courts and running the economy into the ground, the attack on the West by his appointees was sufficiently strong to engender what was called the ‘Sagebrush Rebellion.’ When the man who proudly proclaimed, ‘I am a Sagebrush Rebel,’ Ronald Reagan, was elected president, many thought the War on the West was over forever. It had only taken a brief hiatus.”

“William Jefferson Clinton, his scandals notwithstanding, unleashed his minions, many of whom were on leave from the radical groups that had allied themselves with the Carter administration. Over the eight years that Clinton was in office, he and his appointees were relentless in their efforts. No western issue was too insignificant to draw their attention and an attack. There was one positive aspect of the Clinton administration, however; a grassroots response began, a response that took its leaders and members to Washington, D.C., to confront federal agencies and Congress and, with the aid of nonprofit, public interest law firms, to federal district and appellate courts and, ultimately, the U.S Supreme Court.”

With the new Democratic congress beginning to reveal its horns, Republicans across the country can rally behind the logical, extensively researched and well—constructed arguments by William Perry Pendley in “Warriors for the West” and prove that the conservative grassroots response demands to be heard.

Christmas is just around the corner. I have an idea for the perfect gift.