San Francisco voters have ousted district attorney Chesa Boudin by a 60-40 percent margin. Richie Greenberg, the registered independent who led the effort, explains the reasons for the recall.

“This is people-powered. It’s local voters flabbergasted by the gross negligence and malicious pro-crime, pro-drug dealer, pro-attacks against Asian communities and the rhetoric of the disgraced Chesa Boudin,” Greenberg wrote in a June 7 statement. “To make real change in San Francisco, Boudin himself must be held accountable, because he refused to hold criminals accountable.”

The recall sends “a clear message to the rest of City Hall officials that we are unhappy with their governance,” Greenberg says. It also clarifies several key issues, such as the media description of Boudin as a “liberal” district attorney. He’s a leftist, as radical as they come.

Chesa is the son of Weather Underground terrorist Kathy Boudin, who served 22 years in prison for her role in an assault on an armored car in Nyack, New York. The attack claimed the lives of police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O’Grady along with security guard Peter Paige.

Chesa was named for Joanne Chesimard of the Black Liberation Army, a gang of cop-hunting criminals that assassinated at least six police officers in the early 1970s. Chesimard escaped from prison in 1979 and lives in Cuba, which refuses to extradite her. Kathy Boudin assisted in the armed robbery that funded Chesimard’s jailbreak. Now renamed Assata Shakur, Chesimard is considered a hero to Black Lives Matter.

With parents Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert imprisoned, Chesa was duly adopted by Weather Underground stalwarts Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Dohrn gained fame for the celebration of the Manson family murders. “Dig it!” Dohrn told an SDS rally, “First they killed these pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them!”

Young Chesa never rebelled against his radical leftist parents and guardians. He earned a law degree and became a propagandist for Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship under Hugo Chavez. That is not a post for a liberal or, as Boudin is often described, a “reformer.”

A reformer would aim to expand justice for innocents and uphold the law to protect life and property. Boudin did neither.

“People have died under Chesa Boudin’s watch,” Richie Greenberg explains. “Lives have been ruined, families broken, business shuttered.” The failure to hold criminals accountable “is a dereliction of duty. It’s fraud, a heinous misuse of public trust, it’s dangerous, and highly destructive.”

Often described as “soft on crime,” Boudin in fact is virulently “pro-crime,” as Greenberg also points out. For radical leftists, criminals are the victims of an unjust, capitalist society, and their crimes are a quest for social justice, reparations and such. As George Orwell explained in Animal Farm, under revolutionary conditions, what leftists call “transformative” times, the rats are comrades.

“It’s time for radical change to how we envision justice,” Boudin said in a 2019 statement. “I’m humbled to be a part of this movement that is unwavering in its demand for transformation.” The people of San Francisco quickly found out what he had in mind.

In his first two years, Katy Grimes of the California Globe reports, Boudin either opted not to prosecute or undercharged many violent and deadly crimes. Grimes also recalls that Boudin “was magically elected after four days of counting ballots.”

While voters celebrate the recall, they might go back and check those late ballots that put the son of terrorist cop-killers in office. Cleaning up the voter rolls and flagging illegal votes are steps toward true reform and accountability. As Greenberg says, the recall effort is one “which we should never have had to undertake in the first place.” It was not a partisan cause.

“The voters of San Francisco have united, across the spectrum, left-center-right-and Independents,” Greenberg wrote. “We have come together to send a resounding NO to Boudin’s absurd rhetoric and excuses,” and the rampant crime he failed to prosecute.

Chesa’s predecessor, George Gascón, now holds forth in Los Angeles. Crime is surging, and the people are gathering signatures for a recall. Across the country, meanwhile, embattled Americans are tired of the “governance” now imposed upon them. With a left-right-center coalition in the style of the Bouin recall, things could get exciting in November.