On Nov. 8 the University of Austin in Texas came into being. It will grant undergraduate and master’s degrees and plans to purchase property, classroom buildings, labs, dormitories and related facilities, as well as hire faculty and staff. The price tag will of course be staggering.

The university says it “will not factor race, gender, or class into admissions decisions, standing firmly against that sort of discrimination.” It will be “fiercely independent—financially, intellectually, and politically.”

In sum, it will be anti-woke, anti-cancel culture, and more significantly, pro-free speech—unlike virtually every other university and college in the country.

Will the media pay any attention to this new and different university? It has no convenient excuse not to: The university won’t be run by right-wing ideologues. Its board of advisors, for example, includes non-rightists Robert Zimmer, former president of the University of Chicago; Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU; Lawrence Summers, president emeritus of Harvard University and former Treasury secretary; Caitlin Flanagan, a writer with The Atlantic; and David Mamet, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author. The university’s founding president is Pano Kanelos, former president of St. John’s College.