In our recent book, Deirdre McCloskey and I summarize what we call “The Bourgeois Deal,” namely, Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich. When we leave people alone to buy low, sell high, and innovate, they do so—and in the process, they make the rest of us rich.

My friends at NowSourcing were kind enough to find a sponsor and put together the infographic below. If you teach from the Cowen & Tabarrok Modern Principles of Economics textbook, used any Marginal Revolution University resources, or you’ve taken Econ 201, 301, or 415 at Samford, you’ll probably notice something familiar about the “conditions for a flourishing economy” about halfway down.

So what’s the Deal? Read on to learn more.

How are we making poverty history?


What, exactly, is the ″Bourgeois Deal″?



When is the best time for a society to adopt the Bourgeois Deal? A hundred, or a thousand, or a hundred thousand years ago. The second-best time is right now: among all the ways people can cooperate, it has the best chance at getting us out of this mess.