With less than 60 days until the election, President Trump finds himself in a position similar to the one he was in four years ago. This time, trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by as much as 10 points in several major polls, the president is scrambling to make good on his 2016 campaign promises.

President Trump vowed to take on large pharmaceutical companies and make prescription drugs more affordable. Unfortunately for millions of Americans struggling to afford medication, drug prices have continued to climb over the past four years.

Hoping to keep his word and make up for a lost time, President Trump recently signed four executive orders to rein in skyrocketing prices. In his own words: “I’m signing four sweeping executive orders that will lead to a massive reduction in drugs costs” and “completely restore the prescription drug market.”

These orders call for 1) federally qualified health centers to provide cheaper insulin and injectable epinephrine to low-income patients, 2) more drug imports from Canada and the European Union, and 3) elimination of “kickbacks” to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).