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The Failure of Federal Higher Education: “The Morrill Land-Grant Act: Fact and Mythology”
Posted: Tue. May 14, 2019, 4:51pm PT

Independent Institute Senior Fellow Richard K. Vedder (Professor Emeritus of Economics, Ohio University) speaks at the conference, “Putting the Ivory Tower Together Again: Identifying and Fixing the Faults,” sponsored by the Cato Institute in Washington, DC, February 12, 2019.

Dr. Vedder is the author of the new Independent book, Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in America, and at this event he was speaking regarding his chapter, “The Morrill Land-Grant Act: Fact and Mythology,” in the recent Cato book, Unprofitable Schooling: Examining Causes of, and Fixes for, America’s Broken Ivory Tower, edited by Todd J. Zywicki and Neal P. McCluskey.

Recorded: Tue. April 9, 2019
Experts: Richard K. Vedder
Type: Other Event

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