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A New Heyday for Left-Wing Fascism in Latin America
Will Biden’s leftist administration do anything about it? Of course not.
The Best Way to Support Cuban Protesters Is Ending the Embargo
A New Bitcoin Law Risks Ensnaring El Salvador in FATF’s Regulatory Web
Where Have All the Economists Gone? (Socialism)
Bukele’s Bitcoin Blunder for El Salvador
Preached as a way to support an underbanked population, bitcoin will increase fees and risks for Salvadorans.
Iran’s Misery and the Miserable State of the Iranian Rial
The New Regressive Dark Ages
Venezuela Takes Aim at Colombia and Peru
Lebanon Could Use a Currency Board
Such arrangements have worked in other countries whose economic and political woes seemed intractable.
Being Careful with Numbers, Words, and Visions: Review of Thomas Sowell, Discrimination and Disparities

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