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San Francisco Values? Nancy Pelosi Explains It All for You.
According to her city, rules that apply to the working class don’t apply to the ruling class.
Misinformation Is a Word We Use to Shut You Up
Newsom’s COVID Coverup
Despite the governor’s claims in his recent NBC interview, it was him calling the shots.
ObamaCare Turns Out to Be Affordable Only for the Healthy
It was supposed to help those with pre-existing conditions, but they pay dearly for bad options.
How California’s Homeless Problem Became Intractable
Virus Variant: Perpetuating White Coat Supremacy in America
A new Covid variant pops up and strengthens a failed and unreformed scientific bureaucracy.
California’s China Syndrome Exposed
Newsom’s state is grasping at plastic straws but ignoring a covert Chinese bio-lab.
Beware the ‘Community Schools’ Trojan Horse
These schools are teacher’s union controlled indoctrination centers.
Fauci-Friendly Jeanne Marrazzo Named New Director of NIAID
Can the Left and Right Agree on Health Reform?

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