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Biden’s Nominees Are a Display of Liberal Incompetence
Julie Su seems just as fit for the role as Biden’s other nominees; that is, not at all.
‘Conservatives Need Not Apply’ Under Biden Administration’s Proposed Hiring Rules
The Collegiate War on Excellence and Descent into Mediocrity
Ownership, Control, and Reform: Market-Based Approaches to Universities
The status quo is not working—it is time for a change.
Reckless Reparations Reckoning
The lesson from the $22 trillion record of Great Society compensatory payouts is that massive infusions of federal money are more apt to ensure social disruption and dislocation than alleviate them.
The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship
Just as uniformity can result in both stability and stagnation, so too can diversity sometimes ensure either dynamism or bedlam.
Are Universities Doomed?
Elite university degrees certify very little. And the secret is out.
The Most Selfish Generation
Americans today can’t match the achievements of the Greatest Generation.
Why Doesn’t This Economist Want His Daughter to Be a Feminist?
Vote Like a Woman
When You Vote, Remember Who Has Recently Most Hurt Women

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