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California Loses Nearly 10,000 Fast-Food Jobs After $20 Minimum Wage Signed Last Fall
Israel Can Still Drag the US into War with Iran
The tit-for-tat has ended for now, but Benjamin Netanyahu has many incentives to continue goading Tehran
ATF Redefines ‘Engaged in the Business’
Agency pushes the envelope to require gun dealer licenses beyond the statute.
Supreme Court Hands the ‘Pillage’ People a Loss
The High Court takes umbrage at governments’ excessive real estate fees.
The Age of the Lazy American
High taxes, a focus on identity, and an aging population amount to a War on Work.
The Latest Plan to Exacerbate California’s Housing Crisis
Resolving Border Crisis Requires Increasing Legal Migration
Why Can’t San Francisco Build Housing? Lessons from the 1906 Fire
K-12 Parents Need Same Choices as College Athletes
Like college scholarships, education dollars should flow to students’ parents, not government bureaucracies.
California Has Lost 410,000 Jobs. With a New Bill, More Could Be on the Way Out.

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