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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Why Don’t Universities Protect Freedom of Speech?
Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Masterpiece
Will the people ever learn how false information was seeded throughout the government and media in a conspiratorial effort to destroy a sitting president?
A Biden Reader
The Delaware Democrat challenges reporters to “go back and read what I said.” Challenge accepted.
Joe Biden, Alchemist?
He is a delusional medievalist who does his best to turn golden policies into dross.
Why Ideology Is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization
In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, the currency becomes worthless, and the nation regresses into poverty and chaos. Is that the future we await?
True North Rises
The Inspiring Truth about T.R.M. Howard: An Unexpected Black History Month Lesson
Jordan Peterson Knows Psychology, Including ‘Global Warming’ Groupthink
Is The New York Times Racist?
The Drugfather
Like Sollozzo in “The Godfather,” Anthony Fauci’s business is drugs. The NIAID boss bags royalties from drug manufacturers but doesn’t tell the patients who participate in his risky drug trials.

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