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The Inspiring Truth about T.R.M. Howard: An Unexpected Black History Month Lesson
President Biden’s Ham-Handed Misuse of Antitrust Law
Republican Priority: Make Trump Tax Cuts Permanent
House candidates should pledge not to let the 2017 rate reductions expire.
Joe Biden and the Uses of Nihilism
Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult
Wokeism’s natural logic is to destroy the lives of people of both genders, of all races, and—if need be—of those of every age, all to leverage an otherwise unworkable ideological agenda.
Price Controls and Government Spending Won’t Fix Inflation
The Return of Latin America’s Hard Left
It’s Time for the Fed to Go Old School
No fancy stuff. Raise rates via open-market operations that reduce the size of the balance sheet.
Please—Stop the Coup Porn
Why Is the Left Worried Suddenly About the End of Democracy?
They are fearful and angry not because democracy does not work, but because it does despite their own media and political efforts to warp it.

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