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It’s Time to Discard Piketty’s Inequality Statistics
America Is An Overstretched Superpower
The United States has made too many formal and informal alliance commitments that come at a huge cost to American taxpayers.
Joe Biden, Shifty Economists, and the Big Lie
Raid on Small-Town Paper Recalls FDR’s Harassment
Taxation as Social Justice
ObamaCare Turns Out to Be Affordable Only for the Healthy
It was supposed to help those with pre-existing conditions, but they pay dearly for bad options.
How Inflation Fuels Government Growth
High interest rates hit the private sector hard while leaving Washington free to spend more money.
A Republican Alternative to Medicare for All
‘Make America California’ Is a Bad Idea
It’s Destructive and Unfair to Tax ‘Unrealized Capital Gains’
They reflect expected profits, which often fail to materialize, and the levy wouldn’t hit only the rich.

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