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The Right to Secession: Nikki Haley Gets It
Congress Aims to Extend Warrantless Surveillance for the Foreseeable Future
These measures have no place in a free and democratic society.
Overturning the Chevron Doctrine
Reversing this forty-year-old Supreme Court case would allow for a sorely needed diminution of the administrative state’s power while incentivizing Congress to restore its constitutional authority.
The Hawai’i Supreme Court Overrules Bruen
Not really, it was only wishful thinking.
Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom Team Up Against Voters
Remembering John Taylor of Caroline
Prophet of Encroaching Tyranny
Agency ‘Guidance,’ Interpretive Regulations, and Chevron
State and federal agencies express views that are thinly-veiled diktats.
The Decline in American Universities, 2011-2024
The Hysterical Style in American Politics
To enact its unpopular agendas, the progressive movement must scare the people silly and gin up chaos to destroy its perceived enemies—any crisis it can.
Let Unconstitutional Federal Government Surveillance of Americans Lapse
Section 702 always has been unconstitutional; Congress should let it lapse.

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