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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Green Cards for International College Grads Are a Great Deal for Americans
Supreme Court’s Chevron Ruling Is a Major Victory for American Higher Education
A Different Perspective from Governor Newsom on California’s ‘State of the State’
Real Free Speech Requires Real Freedom
Universities must grapple with challenging ideas, resist speech restrictions
Invoking the Rule of Completeness on Independence Day
We Need Rational Patriotism
Why We Hate Each Other
California Supreme Court Steals Power from the People
Taxpayer protection taken off the ballot.
The National Debt Is over $34 Trillion. It’s Time to Tell the Truth about the U.S. Government’s Finances
The national debt is expected to reach a new record by year end—but neither party has a credible plan to address it.
Stiglitz: When Good Minds Seek Fools’ Favor

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