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Economists Should Know Better than to Support Big Government Democratic Policies
The Pétain Presidency
What the January 6 Committee Might Have Been
A real committee would also investigate the other, far larger and more lethal riots on iconic federal property months earlier.
A New and Needed Truth-Seeking University
The Cultural Pessimism of 1619
The 1619 Project distorts the scholarship on slavery, finance, and U.S. economic history.
The Sovietization of American Life
Behind all our disasters there looms an ideology, a creed that ignores cause and effect in the real world—without a shred of concern for the damage done to those outside the nomenklatura.
At Stanford, the New Applied Science Is Social Engineering
What Firearms Have “Common-Use” Protections?
Here’s an Uncomfortable Question ... For Gun-Control Activists
The Axis Strikes Back
Exposing the domestic Nazi-Soviet Pact now menacing the people of America.
The FDA Could Easily Solve the Baby Formula Shortage by Allowing More Imports from Europe

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