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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Killing of Al-Qaeda Leader Shouldn’t Obscure Some Hard Questions
Our Spanish Civil War?
Deep and brutal strife in 1930s Spain was a prelude to the barbarity of World War II. Now with the war in Ukraine, we’re reminded that the veneer of civilization is very thin.
Putin Has Already Lost the War
Global Posture Review Makes Only Minor Changes to American Hegemony
The Global Posture Review is another reminder that Congress must reclaim its war powers.
America and The Dying Citizen
Freedom requires constant reinvestment in and replenishment of a nation’s traditions and ideals.
Trump or Europe: Who Is Right?
The Capillary Growth of Counterproductive Wars
Zimbabwe’s Coconut Coup Installs a Crocodile Liberator
Happy World Development Information Day!
‘Kingdom’ Shows Power of Economic, Political Freedom

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