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New Directions for Peace and Security
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reception: 6:30 pm. Program: 7:00 pm
Admission: $15 • $10 for Institute Members
$27 Special Admission includes one copy of Opposing the Crusader State • $22 Members. (25% discount!)
Location: The Independent Institute Conference Center, Oakland, CA.
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Carl P. Close
Research Fellow, the Independent Institute; Co-editor, Opposing the Crusader State
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
Assistant Professor of Economics, San Jose State University
James L. Payne
Author, “Does Nation Building Work?” in Opposing the Crusader State; author, A History of Force
Edward P. Stringham
Associate Professor of Economics, San Jose State University Author, “Commerce, Markets, and Peace: Richard Cobden’s Enduring Lessons,” in Opposing the Crusader State
For more than a century U.S. foreign policy—whether conducted by Democrats or Republicans—has been based on the assumption that Americans’ interests are served best by intervening abroad to secure markets, fight potential enemies far from American shores, or engage in “democratic nation building.” But, what is the record of such policies, including now in Iraq? What lessons can America’s earlier foreign policy tradition of noninterventionism—which largely prevailed before the 20th century—offer for today? Would a peace strategy based on free trade and property rights instead promote both security and international harmony? Based on the new book, Opposing the Crusader State, experts Carl P. Close, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, James L. Payne, and Edward P. Stringham will discuss these critical issues.
Opposing the Crusader State
Opposing the Crusader State

“If you want to know why making the world safe for democracy is both foolhardy and impossible, read Opposing the Crusader State. Here in a nutshell is the best scholarship available on how our warrior governments went wrong and why their non-defensive wars have diminished, rather than enhanced, our freedoms.”
JUDGE ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO, Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News Channel; author, The Constitution in Exile

“Opposing the Crusader State deserves to be widely read and discussed. The issues are vital, critical; the timing perfect; the editors knowledgeable and selective; the writers expert, thoughtful and articulate.”
AMBASSADOR EDWARD L. PECK, former Chief of Mission in Iraq

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