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Replacing Obamacare and Curing the Healthcare Crisis
Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, October 4th
Wine & Cheese Reception: 6:30 p.m.
Program: 7:00 p.m.

Independent Institute Conference Center
100 Swan Way, Oakland, CA 94621-1428

John C. Goodman
John C. Goodman is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, President and Kellye Wright Fellow in Health Care at the National Center for Policy Analysis, and author of the widely acclaimed, new book, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. The Wall Street Journal and the National Journal, among other media, have called him the “Father of Health Savings Accounts.”
Most Americans want to repeal and replace Obamacare ("Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"). However, which reforms would contribute the most to making high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible?

In this event and based on his new book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, Dr. John C. Goodman takes the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to task, rejects Obamacare, and offers a no-nonsense approach to healthcare reform. To create a vibrant market that would treat the sick—in which health plans compete to solve the problems of diabetics, asthmatics, heart patients, cancer patients, and others with high expected healthcare costs—Dr. Goodman maintains that we must undo the bad incentives and constraints that are embedded in the current system and made worse by the ACA. Along with practical advice on how employers can cut employee health costs in half, Dr. Goodman will discuss insurance reform, malpractice, and the innovative ideas found in Priceless for overhauling Medicare and Medicaid.
Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis
Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis

“I have been following John Goodman’s health policy ideas for as long as I’ve been on Capitol Hill. John’s latest effort, Priceless: Curing the Health Care Crisis, makes it abundantly clear why he is a source of wisdom, insight, and innovative thinking.”
Paul Ryan, Chairman, House Budget Committee

“John Goodman has long been the clearest and most insightful healthcare thinker . . . . it’s time we acted on his common sense, fact-based wisdom in Priceless.”
Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana

“This book is a call to arms . . . read this book if you want to be an informed participant in the debate over the future of healthcare in this country.”
Peter R. Orszag, former Director, Congressional Budget Office

Priceless will be invaluable in avoiding the harms of government-run healthcare.”
Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes

“John Goodman is as provocative and controversial as ever in his important and timely book, Priceless. Essential reading!”
Gail R. Wilensky, former Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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