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The Empire Has No Clothes
U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed
Thursday, October 28, 2004

6:30 - 8:30 pm
The Independent Institute Conference Center, Oakland CA
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Ivan Eland
Dr. Ivan Eland has been Defense Analyst at the Congressional Budget Office, Director of Defense Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, and Investigator at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. His articles have appeared in Arms Control Today, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times, and he has appeared on ABC, NPR, PBS, CNN, and BBC.
The war in Iraq has produced more than 1,000 U.S. dead and 7,000 injured, an estimated 10,000 Iraqi civilian dead, costs approaching $200 billion, and no weapons of mass destruction. Recently, the number of terrorist incidents worldwide has dramatically increased, and the U.S. is hated more than ever. As a result, a growing number of Americans are beginning to question U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.

How does the concept of empire fit with the principles of liberals and with the core ideas of conservatives? What about “blowback” and its effect on security and civil liberties at home? At this Independent Policy Forum, Ivan Eland, a leading expert on U.S. defense and national security and author of the new book, The Empire Has No Clothes, will examine U.S. military interventions around the world, from the Spanish-American War to the invasion of Iraq. He will expose the motives behind U.S. foreign policy, question the assumptions on which it is based, and advocate a return to the Founding Fathers’ original vision for a free republic.

The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed
The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed

“This book is the sobering antidote for the imperial wine that has impaired the judgment of American politicians since the end of the Cold War.”
—HARVEY M. SAPOLSKY, Director of Security Studies, MIT

“An excellent book on the Bush Doctrine of waging preventive wars, maintaining hegemony, and spreading democracy by force.”
—LAWRENCE J. KORB, former Assistant Secretary of Defense

“The Empire Has No Clothes should greatly influence the debate in this country. Read this book.”
—CHALMERS JOHNSON, Author, The Sorrows of Empire

“Impressively lucid, filled with careful research and highly insightful commentary, certain to satisfy concerned readers across the political spectrum.”
—AMB. EDWARD L. PECK, former Chief of U.S. Mission in Iraq

“Ivan Eland said that Iraq would be a debacle before the war began. Hopefully, more Americans will listen to him now.”
—JOHN J. MEARSHEIMER, Professor of Political Science University of Chicago

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