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John C. Goodman » Commentary Articles

What Trump Has Done to Change Health Care and How It’s Helped Battle COVID-19
October 19, 2020

Public Option Health Plans Haven’t Lowered Premiums
October 9, 2020

Here Are Solutions for Pre-Existing Conditions
October 7, 2020

The Biden/Harris Economic Plan
October 5, 2020

Ending Surprise Medical Bills the Right Way
September 28, 2020

Why Health Policy Makers Need Economics 101
September 26, 2020

Should Self-Interest Have a Role in Health Care?
September 13, 2020

Why Has the FDA Not Approved Home-Based Coronavirus Testing?
August 15, 2020

Is There a Better Way to Subsidize Private Health Insurance?
August 4, 2020

Short-Term Insurance Is Not the Problem. It’s the Solution
July 7, 2020

Why We Weren’t Ready for Covid-19
July 1, 2020

Liberal Mayors, Racial Politics, and Fake News
June 8, 2020

The Five Deadly Sins of Private Health Insurance
June 2, 2020

Two Narratives, One Constitution
May 21, 2020

Key to COVID-19 Recovery: Deregulation
May 4, 2020

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Debate over Health Reform
April 17, 2020

How Do We Ration Health Care When We Really Have To Do It?
April 12, 2020

Do the Media Hate Trump More Than They Hate the Virus?
April 6, 2020

How Would Free Market Health Care Respond to the Coronavirus?
March 28, 2020

Response to Coronavirus Reflects Trump’s Plan to Radically Reform Health Care
March 22, 2020

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