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Benjamin Powell » Commentary Articles

Is COVID-Induced Hygiene Theater the New Security Theater?
September 13, 2021

The Best Way to Support Cuban Protesters Is Ending the Embargo
July 16, 2021

America Needs Private Investment—Not Public Infrastructure
June 10, 2021

The Re-Opening in Texas Follows the Science: Economic Science
March 11, 2021

Support Cuba’s Emerging Market Economy by Ending the Embargo
March 3, 2021

Will Blue State Refugees Ruin Red States?
December 30, 2020

Why Walter Williams Was the People’s Economist
December 14, 2020

For Better Health and a Stronger Economy, Don’t Lock Down Again
November 9, 2020

Re-fund, Don’t Defund, the Police
September 25, 2020

Economic Recovery Requires the Government to Stop What It’s Doing
July 30, 2020

US Should Invite Hong Kongers to America
June 8, 2020

Don’t Stop Immigration, Expand Visas for Healthcare Workers
May 6, 2020

United States Needs Freedom, Not Fascism
April 30, 2020

Governments Can’t Plan Economy’s Reopening
April 18, 2020

Bernie Sanders Should Take a Closer Look at Cuba’s Lack of Accomplishments
March 12, 2020

Time for Trump to End His Trade Wars
February 21, 2020

Democratic Socialism: Straight Talk about Twisted Facts
January 14, 2020

Christmas Tariffs for Santa
December 19, 2019

Those Shaming Amazon about Bangladeshi Factories Should Be Ashamed of Themselves
November 13, 2019

China’s Crackdown on Think Tank Illustrates Importance of Hong Kong Protests
September 18, 2019

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