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Jason E. Taylor
Jason E. Taylor

Jason E. Taylor is the Jerry and Felicia Campbell Professor of Economics at Central Michigan University, and he was Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia. Former Editor-in-Chief of Essays in Economic & Business History, he is the author of the book, Deconstructing the Monolith: The Microeconomics of the National Industrial Recovery Act. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Georgia.

His scholarly papers have appeared in the Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Economic History, Public Choice, Economica, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, and Explorations in Economic History, among others. His popular articles have been published in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Detroit News; he has appeared on NPR's "Planet Money" and "Morning Edition;" and he has testified on the findings of his research before Congress.