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Octavio Sánchez
Octavio Sánchez

Octavio Sánchez is the Legislative Architect and Commissioner in the Republic of Honduras for the Zones for Economic Development and Employment (ZEDEs) or what some have called "charter cities," "model cities," "free-trade zones," or "micro-cities" to create an economic renaissance and lift millions of people out of poverty. Former Minister of Culture, Honduran presidential advisor and member of the Committee for the Adoption of Best Practices, he is a visiting professor and researcher at the University of Arizona and a senior fellow at the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade.

Before entering government he practiced as a private lawyer and advised several financial institutions in Honduras. He is the author and translator of several books on history and property, he graduated from the National University of Honduras, summa cum laude, and he holds an LLM with a concentration in international finance from Harvard Law School, where he was a 2000 Landon H. Gammon Fellow. He is also a Fellow of the Fifth Class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.