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Robert L. Morris, Jr.
Policy Fellow

Robert L. Morris, Jr. is a Policy Fellow at the Independent Institute. He received his bachelors degree in business from Arizona State University, having been the first African-American Student Body President at Tucson High School, President of the Mayor’s Tucson Youth Council, and President of the Governor’s Youth Council for the State of Arizona.

He has been Vice President for International Business Development and Investor Relations for Living PlanIt, SA; Co-Founder, Global Housing Solutions, LLC; Consultant, L.L. Global, Inc.; Founder, Center for Diversity Assessments, Analysis, and Audits; Founder, Teen Entrepreneurs of Tucson; and a mid-to-senior manager for both domestic and international operations for Proctor & Gamble, Revlon, IBM, Unisys Corporation, Memorex, Dimensional Visions DV-3D, New Millennium Motion Picture Studio, and Invisible Hand LP. He has further served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Tucson Urban League and Tucson Music Museum.

Articles on Mr. Morris have appeared in Black Enterprise and the Arizona Jewish Post.

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