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Rachael E. Goodhue

Rachael E. Goodhue is professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California-Davis, and a member of the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. Her research interests include agricultural and agri-environmental policy, agricultural marketing and contracting, pesticide use and regulation, and property rights and natural resource management. Goodhue earned a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College and a MS and PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California-Berkeley.

Goodhue is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi Beta Kappa. Awards include Most Downloaded Article, ARE Update, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics; Associated Students of the University of California Davis Excellence in Education Award; Verona d'Oenometric Award for the Outstanding Conference Paper; and Best Paper by a Younger Scholar Published in Review of Industrial Organization.

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